June, 2017 – ASCO meeting

First-in-human phase 1/2 study of MCLA-128, a full length IgG1 bispecific antibody targeting HER2 and HER3: Final phase 1 data and preliminary activity in HER2+ metastatic breast cancer (MBC).(PDF)

April, 2017 – AACR meeting

The binding mode of the bispecific anti-HER2xHER3 antibody MCLA-128 is responsible for its potent inhibition of HRG-driven tumorigenesis. (PDF)
Identification and characterisation of MCLA-158 as an anti-EGFRxLGR5 bispecific antibody that potently inhibits patient-derived CRC organoid growth. (PDF)

November, 2016 – Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting

MCLA-117, a CLEC12AxCD3 bispecific IgG targeting a leukemic stem cell antigen, induces T cell-mediated AML blast lysis. (PDF)

September, 2016 – CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR meeting

Generation of immuno-modulatory receptor binding bispecific antibodies to modulate tumor immunity. (PDF)

April, 2016 – AACR meeting

A Phase I/II Study of MCLA-128, a full length IgG1 Bispecific Antibody Targeting HER2/HER3, in Patients with Solid Tumors. (PDF)

November, 2015 – AACR-NCI-EORTC meeting

Generation of Wnt- and mitogenic receptor binding bispecific antibodies to target cancer stem cells (C21). (PDF)
Functional phenotypic screening of bi-specific antibodies that combine RTK and stem cell targets in genetically heterogeneous colon carcinoma organoids. (PDF)

August, 2015 – Clinical Cancer Research

Sustained inhibition of HER3 and EGFR is necessary to induce regression of HER2-amplified gastrointestinal carcinomas.

April, 2015 – AACR Annual Meeting

Mechanism of action of MCLA-128, a humanized bispecific IgG1 antibody targeting the HER2:HER3 heterodimer. (PDF)

May, 2014 – ASCO Annual Meeting

Preclinical activity of MCLA-128, an ADCC enhanced human bispecific IgG1 antibody targeting the HER2:HER3 heterodimer. (PDF)

April, 2009 – Journal of Molecular Biology

Human immunoglobulin repertoires against tetanus toxoid contain a large and diverse fraction of high-affinity promiscuous V(H) genes.