The product programs in the Merus pipeline are based on the Biclonics® format.

Biclonics® are bispecific, full length human IgG antibodies. With its proprietary technologies, Merus is able to rapidly generate lead product candidate Biclonics® with the potential to produce tumor cell-killing activity with the same, or potentially better, functionality as combinations of conventional monoclonal antibodies. Furthermore, because Biclonics® are based on the robust and proven IgG format they are manufactured using industry standard processes yielding the predictable in vivo behavior associated with conventional therapeutic antibodies such as long half-life and low immunogenicity. Biclonics®: unprecedented antibody functionality in a reliable and manufacturable format.

Biclonics MoA

A suite of technologies

Merus exploits a suite of technologies integrating the generation of large panels of high quality human antibodies and their rapid conversion into thousands of Biclonics® ready for functional screening in clinically relevant assays.

  • Human antibody generation. Merus uses its proprietary transgenic mouse MeMo® and state-of-the art phage display libraries of human Fab fragments for the generation of panels of common light chain monoclonal antibodies. Large and diverse panels of high affinity antibodies have been generated against a broad variety of targets.
  • Biclonics® format. Merus has successfully modified the CH3 constant region of the IgG antibody isotype to efficiently drive heterodimerisation and production of stable Biclonics® by eukaryotic cells. The Biclonics® format retains several of the favourable attributes of the standard human therapeutic IgG antibody format including stability, long half-life and low immunogenicity.
  • Biclonics® high-throughput functional screening. The panels of target-specific human antibodies are combined with the modified constant regions and introduced as pairs of DNA constructs into eukaryotic cells. The common light chain format and engineered CH3 domains ensure the secretion of pure functional Biclonics® into the cell culture medium. The medium of thousands of cell cultures is harvested and used in cell and tissue-based functional assays.

The Merus technology platform allows for functional evaluation of Biclonics® in the relevant therapeutic format leading to the discovery of therapeutic candidates with differentiated properties.