Human Biclonics™ and Oligoclonics® Antibodies for Superior Clinical Efficacy


Merus is developing proprietary anti-cancer antibodies addressing multiple targets in one product. These next-generation biopharmaceuticals will provide for improved clinical efficacy and broader applicability.


The company´s most advanced products are bispecific antibodies protected under the brand name Biclonics®, which are targeting solid tumors (HER family antigens) and blood tumors (undisclosed surface antigens).


Merus´ technologies offer an efficient platform for the rapid discovery and validation of human antibodies based on natural, full-length IgG. These antibodies share a common light chain and can be easily transferred to a clonal cell line to produce bispecific antibodies or combinations of antibodies. Manufacturing is compatible with industry’s established monoclonal antibody production platforms and infrastructure.


Merus is out-licensing its technologies and is also developing its own pipeline of distinctive, IP-protected bispecific Biclonics® and combination Oligoclonics® antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer patients.

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