Human Biclonics® for Superior Clinical Efficacy

Merus is developing best-in-class therapeutics to treat and potentially cure cancer patients. Our most advanced development programs use the Biclonics® format. Biclonics® are capable of simultaneously attacking tumors in multiple ways. For example by activating the immune system to kill tumor cells and directly inhibiting tumor cell growth and survival pathways.


For our iMOD™ programs, Biclonics® are designed to modulate the immune system to eliminate tumors in a safe and efficacious way that is beyond the reach of current biological or cell engineering approaches. Learn more about our technology


Our pipeline comprises Biclonics® for solid and hematological tumors that target combinations of growth factor receptors and immunomodulatory molecules. See what's in our pipeline


We make our technologies available in partnerships based on promising target combinations. Please contact us for further information.


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